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Its most advanced theory, its structure, its definition, its method, its technology and its application.
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  • Executive Director of Consulting and Specialized Art Skills
  • iNMX License plate a.a.t.: T9J-XZT
  • Degree: Bachelor of Visual Arts. UNAM
  • Postgraduate: Masters in teaching arts and design. PAD/FacAD UNAM(ongoing)
  • Specialties: Transdisciplinar, traditional, experimental and digital Paintings.
    Hypermediatic Action-arts. Transdisciplinar neurolinguistic sonic art. Fine arts for applied Mexicanía. Superior production of aesthetic goods: Urban Crafts and Transdisciplinar Monumental Object Art. Teaching of art and design supported by principles of neurosciences and health sciences.
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Languages: -Spanish and English
  • Email: consultoria@tecnologiaperceptual.com
  • Website: tecnologiaperceptual.com

Licentiate Gómez González


Specialized research, development and production of transdisciplinar, traditional, experimental and digital pictorial art and design; as well as the sciences that describe them, the sciences that apply them, the sciences that transform them and the sciences that conserve them.

To stimulate, with transdisciplinar art, your conscious testimony, of how your own aesthetic experiences are your main guide for personal, metacognitive, artistic and human development.

To germinate lovers, entrepreneurs and producers of neuro-aesthetic experiences, solutions and tangible and intangible aesthetic goods, with the nectar of transdisciplinar art, for the development of the perception of art and well-tempered aesthetics.


Man rises above purely empirical knowledge and reaches the scientific level every time he knows how to give the cause of what he knows, whenever he can explain the reason of the phenomenon or fact in question, every time he knows the reason for what he has been studied.

A -knowledge of things by their causes- is what has traditionally been called SCIENCE.
Mexican Doctor in Philosophy Raúl Gutiérrez Sáenz.

" The Mexican is careful, respects tradition, possesses the transmission of knowledge and teaches it to others, follows the truth, makes us take a -face- and develop it, opens our ears, enlightens us. The Mexican is multiple, flexible, restless, capable, training himself, dialoguing with his -heart-, finding the answers within himself,
the real Mexican takes everything out of his -heart-. "

-Matritense Codex-
Fray Bernandino S.

"...it can be said that ĪXTLI '(calligram: face) points to the constitutive aspect of the self, of which the -face- is a symbol.YŌLLOTL (calligram: heart) implies the dynamism of the human being who seeks and longs for it. ollin: "movement", literally means in its abstract form (y-ōllo-tl) "its mobility, or the reason for its movement" (the living being is understood.) They considered, therefore, the Nahuas to the -heart- as the dynamic aspect , vital of the human being, the dynamic organ par excellence, which produces and preserves movement and life, hence the person's "face, heart".
This diphrase found innumerable times, to designate people, also appears when dealing with the Nahuatl educational ideal: wise -faces- and unwavering -hearts- as stone (ixtlāmati, yōllótetl). Culminating human perfection, when entering -the Sacred-(calligram: sun) into the -heart-of man (Yoltéotl), he/she becomes an artist,
"a divinizing heart of things": tlāyolteuviani.

-Nahuatl philosophy according to its sources.-
Mexican Doctor Honoris Causa Miguel León Portilla.


( a.a.t.•)

“With flowers you write,
Giver of life,
With chants you give color,
With chants you shade those who have to live on earth,
...Only in your book of paintings do we live,
Here on earth.”
-Nezahuāl-Coyotl -
México 1402-1472


Private consulting specialized in Art: Its theory, its structure, its definition, its method, its technology and its application.
   Private services and integral solutions:
      - Art sciences
      - Art education sciences
             ·Updating and improvement of teaching technics of arts and designs
             ·Analysis, updating and complementation of art and design curricula, all levels
      - Artistic identity and roots engineering


Digital, experimental, traditional and transdisciplinar Muralist/pictorial art production and pictorial art design pre-production laboratory, for the collaborative and cooperative service of Muralista Gómez González Muralist proyects development.
Artwork done by Mexican professional artists united in fraternity, recognized by External Training Agency Muralista C. Gómez González, to do research development and production of new techniques of paintings, materials, geometrical aspects, perspectives, technological devices, TICC's, perceptual technology and transdisciplinary art for the development and calibration of artistic perception. As well as for the aesthetic and hygienic strengthening of the Mexican nationality and its technical and semantic development for the design and Mexican national muralist pictorial art, according to the experimental neuro-artistic method and the verification of the axiomatic national definition of art, through painting, the engineering of the painting, engineering of artistic education and the practice of contemporary Mexican pictorial calligraphy. Active since October 31, 2002

     •Managing Director



   Research and development of artistic and educational technology.

      Comprehensive diagnoses and implementation of programs of high artistic and academic self-demand, according to the Gómez González Cathedra (a.p.m.t. •/*), for the strengthening of the Mexican national identity through artistic and cultural practices for the development of artistic perception. Directed to Mexican educational institutions, Mexican indigenist centers, Mexican artistic communities settled abroad and / or supported by foreign educational institutions.
         *Licensing of Mexicanía Educativa through the creation of programs of high artistic and academic self-demand in a.o.m.t. facilities •, for the re-issue of mexicanías certification. (Service only for Mexican national educational institutions or Mexican communities settled abroad).

       •Academic director and national agent of external certification


       Yōllteowa Hands & Krafts©:
       Mexican creative, educational and cultural industrial division, for the self-support of the G.A.I.T.A.M.Lab

            General Services
                 PERCEPTUAL TECHNOLOGY © & Transdisciplinar Art
           Research, development and production of applied perceptual technology© and applied transdisciplinar art sciences
                    Development of mexican hygienic and aesthetic general semantics
  • Art. Tangible and intangible aesthetic experiences
  • Cathedra, classes, courses, workshops, clinics and conferences
  • Design, Art and Visual Communication
  • Management and direction of artistic projects
  • Advice and updating, theoretical and technical training;
    of curricula, techniques and educational tools for the arts, designs and sound/visual communication.
  • Production of certified aesthetic and utilitarian goods.
  • Production of didactic objects and for sensoperceptual early stimulation.

"Be careful of the things of the earth, do something, cut wood, work the earth, plant nopales, plant maguey.
You will have to drink, what to eat, what to wear, with this you will be standing, you will be true, with that you will walk.
With that, they will talk about you, they will praise you, with that you will make yourself known. "

Mexican Chants

Cathedra & Consultancy Partnerships

Faculty of Arts and Design

Technology and disciplinary bonding laboratorie for the Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication.

• Academic, interim A


Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing.

•Web 3.0 General Creative Advisory & Chiefhead-hunting consultant


•National Autonomous Community of Professional Mexican Artists a.a.m.t. •/*
    (@ Casa del Espejo Negro a.o.m.t.•/*)

    Major Center of Transdisciplinary Art for the Development of Artistic Perception & of Well-Tempered Mexicanía

       • Internal self-training center, of the G.A.I.T.A. Mestiza, by External Training Agency Lic. Christian Gómez González, in new techniques of paintings, materials, geometrical aspects, perspectives, technological devices, TICC's, perceptual technology, transdisciplinary art, sciences of applied arts, sciences of arts education applied and artistic engineering in Mexican identity and roots; for the development of artistic perception, as well as the aesthetic and hygienic strengthening of Mexican nationality; through painting, the sciences of the pictorial, sciences of the education of the pictorial and the practice of contemporary Mexican pictorial calligraphy; for the development of Mexican national muralist pictorial art and design. (a.a.m.t. •)

Templo Mayor de Mexicanía (a.a.m.t.m.&h.•/*)

(•/* iNMX.- Hypercomplex-highorder arts nomeclature, according to the Gómez González Standarized Technolect Mentronomic System for The Art℠℗© of the Gómez González Cathedra℠℗© a.p.m.t./a.s.n.t.•/*)

Náhuatl cinemaneuropainting semaortograffics test.
by Hypermediatic Behaviour art Laboratory of Mexicanía

(In MX spanish only)

Gómez González Consultant & External Trainer
Academic Background

  • 2013-to date

    Master's degree in teaching arts and design

    (In process) Postgraduate in Arts and Design. Arts and Design Faculty. UNAM. Mexico DF

    Thesis: Libre Cátedra Gómez González℗℠* t.m.p.a.(**/•)

    (** Transdisciplinar Muralist Pictorial Art t.m.p.a./t.n.s.a.)
    (• Gómez González Mentronomic System for the standardization of the technolect of the hypercomplex high order arts)

    Methods and Mexican model of painting, pictorial art sciences, sciences of pictorial awareness & skills, sciences of the education of the pictorial awareness and skills, and the practice of the contemporary Mexican pictorial calligraphy. (a.a.m.t.•)

    Module I . Introduction to The Mexicanía and the * Guide (G.)
    for the Self-regulation of the Tecnoperceptual Intellect- (AIT)
    by -Crossbreed Autoeducation- (AM)
    (G.A.I.T.A.Mestiza in Spanish)

    I.- Auxiliary Guide for Conscious Free Cathedra &/or Well Tempered-Transdisciplinar-Art Self-Education:
    I.I Art. It's theory, its structure and its method.
    (metronomy, metrology and art metrotechnics)
    I.II Perceptual technology: the art of self-regulated thought.
    I.III Transdisciplinar Art. Applied and self-regulated art. Trans-ecology symmetric hygienic-aesthetic: probiotic vs. neuroprobiótica.

    II. Transdisciplinar Fine Arts
    II. Traditional Fine Arts
    II. Experimental Fine Arts
    II. Digital Fine Arts.

    III. Sciences of the applied arts.

    IV. Sciences of arts education. Design and communication II.

    V. Artistic engineering in applied identity and roots.

    * "Cátedra Gómez González℠℗© a.p.m.t./a.s.n.t.**/•"
    Proposal of transdidactic experimental action art , according to the gómez gonzález metrological model, for the self-experimentation of the development experience of the artistic perception and strengthening of the individual and Mexican inter and intranational identity ("Self-regulation of the techno-perceptual intellect") well-tempered.

    Submedium and mounting for the "Crossbreed Self-education":
    Templo Mayor de Mexicanía a.a.m.h.t.•
    Casa del Espejo Negro a.o.m.t.•
    GAITA Mestiza a.a.m.t.
    Kātedrah' Gōmmeβ Gondzāleβ a.s.n.t./a.p.nm.t.•
    gāita mēstiβa a.a.t./a.s.n.t.•
    Yollteowiatlamatini Xibalbá Tlayolteviani Netlacaneco a.a.t./a.s.n.t./a.p.nm.t.•

  • 2009

    Bachelor of Visual Arts

    National School of Fine Arts, UNAM. Mexico DF

    Thesis: Dogma 94.66 (General semantics & neuro-cinematographic language in first person) Perceptual technology to communicate percepts, descripts and constructs; with basic and essential film arts and techniques. Initiatic preparation for communication, capture, autocapture and printing of the transdisciplinar pictorial basic arts.

  • 1996-2016


    México, D.F.

    - 2016 . Introduction to industrial design. An approach to the concepts, methods, processes and design materials.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM
    - 2013. Design of learning objects for distance education.
    National School of Fine Arts. UNAM
    -2012. Structuring and business plan.
    Faculty of Accounting and Administration & National School of Fine Arts. UNAM
    - 2012. Silverpoint drawing.
    National School of Fine Arts. UNAM
    -2009. Cinematographic Realization.
    National School of Fine Arts. UNAM
    - 2008. Skull-Facial Reconstruction.
    International Training Academy in Forensic Sciences SC
    -2008. The light and the color.
    Vincent Van Gogh School of Artistic Painting Techniques.
    -2007. Light and the Atmospheres
    Vincent Van Gogh School of Artistic Painting Techniques.
    -2006. The light and the skin.
    Vincent Van Gogh School of Artistic Painting Techniques.
    - 2003. Piper Diploma.
    Institute of Piping - College of Piping.
    Glasgow, Scotland
    - 1996 . Preliminary English Test.
    University of Cambridge. Local Examinations Syndicate. International Examinations.

Achievements of Transdisciplinar Art Research and Development

  • 2012

    Design and application of the curriculum/sylabus of the laboratory-workshop of Sonic Art

    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM

    Architecture of the curriculum of the subject: workshop-laboratory of sonic art, for the updating of the curriculum of the degree in visual arts of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM.

  • 2012-2016

    Conference Design

    Experimental Neuroartistic method and
    treaty of applied perceptual technology.

    -2015. Tools for integral perceptic self-calibration. Cycle - The Influence of the vegan / vegetarian alternative in the creative field of arts and design, a process of communication, publicity and environment.
    - Faculty of Art and Design. UNAM.

    -2014. " Guerra florida " (applied technoperception, introduction to the neuroarts). University of the Valley of Mexico. DF.

    - 2014. Introduction to applied neuroart: perceptual technology.
    World Art Day MACO, Oaxaca.

    - 2014. Neuroart and metacognition approximations of Anahuac thinking .
    1st Colloquium Art and Design in the Original Mexico.
    Faculty of Arts and Design, UNAM

    -2013. " Toltecayotl: The flowered-chant of Quetzalcoatl " (neuroart: definition and standardization of art as a post according to Xiuh Toxochipiltzin Netlacaneco)
    Transmitted live by the congress channel, Chamber of Deputies, National commission of indigenous affairs,

Transdisciplinar Art
Teaching Laboratory

  • 2012-to date

    Enforcement of the Cátedra Gómez González a.p.m.t.• / G.A.I.T.A. Mestiza
    -2016 to date. Technology and disciplinar linking workshop I & II. - For the degree in design and visual communication.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM.

    -2015 to 2016. Audio Visual Production Workshop III and IV .- Film Direction. For the degree in design and visual communication.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM.

    -2015 to date. Scientific and technological visualization I & II. For the degree in art and design.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM.

    -2013 to 2014. Science and technology for visual communication I & II. For the degree in design and visual communication.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM.

    -2013 to 2014. Multiple Media Workshop I & II. For the degree in visual arts.
    Faculty of Arts and Design. UNAM.

    -2012 to 2013. Science and technology for visual communication I & II. For the degree in design and visual communication.
    National School of Fine Arts. UNAM.

    -2012 to 2013. Multiple Media Workshop I and II. For the degree in visual arts.
    National School of Fine Arts. UNAM.

    -2009 Management of Digital Cameras.
    General Directorate of Academic Computing Services. Computer Management for Teaching. UNAM St. Augustine Plantel.

    -2007. Intensive workshop for handling digital cameras.
    Faculty of Dentistry. UNAM.

    -2004. Scottish bagpipe instructor.
    Saint Patrick's Battalion Pipes & Drums

Art business skills

Sonic Art & Design


Art & Visual Design


Applied Arts


Branding Design


Applied Physics


Applied general sematics


other skills

Direction / Production
General hygienic and aesthetic semantics
Artistic engineering in identity and roots
Coaching, teaching and training

Introduction to Transdisciplinar Painting Art Basics by Performatic Laboratory of -Mexicanía © - (FGGF/G.A.I.T.A.M.Lab)

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Basic technical introduction to the foundations of contemporary mexican transdisciplinary muralist art design
by gómez gonzález

(In MX spanish only)

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